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placeitcleanand leanFeel fit and regain your happiness. In the real world!
Work, life, kids, friends, relationships, social media. We live in a world that pulls us in a million different directions. How do you create real work life balance? What if you don’t have time right at the moment to work weekly with a certified health coach or maybe are not ready to invest financially to have a private coach just yet? Does that mean you don’t deserve to have access to one? That you don’t deserve the same education and support? That you care less about your health? OF COURSE NOT!


With weekly education and accountability sessions carefully planned by our expert Jessica Abbott, you can achieve your perfect health and get the right fitness attitude, so you can create the life you want to live. A true from the ground up consistent healthy lifestyle. No magic pills, potions or lose it in 10 days fad here. We spend 52 weeks educating you, supporting you, coaching you and cheering for you. This is about to be your year of change.

Jessica Abbott, INHC
As a mom, wife, Certified Health Coach & Corporate Wellness Manager, Jessica presents her exclusive membership program to reshape your mind and body week by week for a whole year.

48045802I was so frustrated by the missing options in personal health coaching programs. Having to limit who and when I could work with somebody based on time and affordability. Working with businesses and their employees gave me a unique insight. This was created for YOU! The person wanting to take control of their personal health when and how they were ready to. To fit within their budget and lifestyle. A personal solution designed to give you control and real nutrition education, not the latest lose it fast fad. Transformation is personal, I hope you join us to get the support needed on your journey.





  • Feel focused, supported and in control of your health and body.
  • Get priority access and support from Jessica and two more health and fitness gurus, DAILY! Members get priority access and are first in line for new programs, coaching slots and goodies.
  • Lose weight, stressful habits and draining relationships.
  • Gain energy to face the little dramas of everyday life and new ways sustainable ways do it.
  • Learn how to eat healthy in a way that fits your lifestyle, because our bodies & lives are not one size fits all!


  • Limited Time Only:  30 minute consultation via phone, Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Weekly modules to include: Downloads, Videos, Fitness, Recipes & Education and Extra Exclusive Goodies
  • Access to the Exclusive Online FB Group for members only, with a Health Coach on call daily!  (Sundays excluded)
  • 1 Monthly Group Accountability and Q&A call
  • Daily Motivation and Inspirational message delivered text
  • Clean and Lean Health Magazine- All the goodies provided in the modules in an easy beautiful digital and downloadable format..including recipes!
  • COMING SOON for 2017- Clean & Lean Health Academy Phone App!


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